Basic Facts about Dental X-Rays and Why Your Oakville Dentist Needs Them


So how often should you have a dental X-ray taken? Essentially, this should vary depending on your medical and dental condition. A person with severe periodontal disease will need an X-ray taken more often than a patient with a healthier mouth who comes in only for regular or minor procedures. It is recommended that patients who go to their dentist for minor procedures should, nonetheless, have X-rays, if deemed necessary for monitoring purposes, while patients with more extensive treatment, should have them taken more often. The biggest concern with X-rays is exposure to radiation. But today, most dentists will have digital x-ray systems which allow the dentist to see the image immediately and expose you to approximately 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Ultimately, it’s always safer to have the x-ray & diagnose the problem than to miss the diagnosis without the x-ray.

The Bottom Line

Dental X-rays help your local Oakville dentist deliver the best oral and dental care for you, especially in cases where the unexpected problem shows up, and your dentist has been able to provide the timely intervention. For this reason, dental practices, such as those of Dr. Arun Narang & Associates, see to it that their team of dentists is equipped to perform any necessary treatment. After all, what better way to take care of your teeth than to diagnose problems before they surface.


Revitalizing Your Smile and More Youthful Appearance with Services from a Oakville Dentist

“Porcelain veneers and crowns are two main treatments of anti-aging dentistry. These two services aim to rejuvenate the facial appearance. Oakville dentist Dr. Arun Narang offers these procedures as part of the varied services of his practice.

Aside from the restorative and cosmetic benefits that crowns and veneers offer, they also reshape the jawlines to combat the effects of aging. They create a fuller appearance around the mouth, which decreases prominence of sags and wrinkles. For durability and enamel-like appearance, porcelain is a choice material to achieve youthful pearly whites.

Traditionally, crowns and veneers are fabricated within one to two weeks, but the advent of CEREC allows one-day crowns and veneers in certain situations. After imaging, the ceramic restorations are digitally fabricated, milled and polished, then cemented, all in one visit. Your new smile can be worn proudly immediately.”

The Effects of Sugar on our Teeth, According to an Oakville Dentist

“Fortunately, we can easily keep plaque from developing or building up by taking a few steps. Aside from brushing our teeth at least twice a day, we floss daily to remove any plaque under our gum lines and in-between the teeth. Additionally, we visit regularly our preferred dentist in Oakville for oral examinations and cleaning.

While concededly a tall order, we can also keep our intake of sugary foods to a minimum. One in every five calories that we consume comes from sugar, although we may get dietary sugar naturally from fruit and milk. Besides, we can improve our overall health by consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole grain.”

What an Oakville Dentist Suggests for Combating Plaque Buildup

“An article by Dr. Matthew Hoffman for discusses the causes, effect, development, and solution for plaque buildup. According to Hoffman, plaque is a breeding ground for acid-producing bacteria that cause the teeth to corrode or decay. If left unattended, the decay can develop into various dental diseases; such as, swollen gums and/or gingivitis, as well as cavities.

Having a plaque-free set of teeth greatly benefits people living in Oakville, a town frequently visited by tourists for its many natural attractions. The locals here make sure to greet tourists with their innate hospitality and vibrant smiles. An Oakville dentist recommends regular brushing and flossing to keep those teeth clean and healthy, resulting in a better smile. Brushing and flossing are basic practices that promote oral hygiene and keep the teeth safe from dental disease.”

Put a Stop to Tooth Decay with Help from a Leading Oakville Dentist

“Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems anyone can suffer from, but for kids to experience it can be especially cruel as it can lead to tooth loss and infection, endangering the health of the young patient. Prevention is the best cure, and taking children to a local Oakville dentist, on a regular basis, can help stop the formation of decay.

The consumption of sugar and other similar food items can cause tooth decay, and it’s worrisome since children generally love sweets. Even though primary teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth, parents should not be complacent and avoid treating decayed baby teeth. Kids should be urged to brush and floss regularly, as well as see a dentist for preventive cleaning and treatment.”

Smile Makeovers, Teeth Whitening & More from Your Oakville Dentist

“For over 16 years, we at Oakville Dental Arts have provided exceptional family, wellness, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, along with some of the latest and most advanced dental treatments available. And it makes us happy seeing our clients with huge smiles on their faces because their trusted Oakville dentist was able to meet and exceed their expectations.
Here is an example of what one of our valued clients has to say. “I can’t thank Dr. Narang and his wonderful team enough! I used to be quite self-conscious as my smile was somewhat crooked, some of my teeth were misshapen and my gums were uneven,” said Asima, one of our patients who had her anterior teeth treated by our practice. “It never really stopped me from smiling but I had no idea what a difference it would make with some of Dr. Narang’s artistic ability,” she added.”