Enjoy a Trouble Free Vacation: Oakville Dental Tips for Travelling

“If a tooth has been broken as a result of accident or injury, rinse the mouth with warm water to keep the area clean. Use cold compress to keep the swelling down and get to a dentist’s office quickly. If the tongue or lip is bitten, clean the area gently with a cloth, and apply cold compress to reduce swelling. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, go to a hospital emergency room at once. In the case of a toothache, rinse with warm water; make sure food or foreign objects aren’t lodged around your tooth by using floss.”

Don’t let the horror of dental problems plague you on a trip when you should be enjoying your vacation. Schedule an oppointment with any of the dependable Oakville dentists, and reinforce your teeth’s protection beforehand.



How Oakville Dentists Help Improve Oral Health through Orthodontics

“Healthier Teeth
Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean. Food particles get trapped within irregular spaces more frequently. When teeth are straighter, these are less problematic. The teeth are easier to brush and floss during daily care. Also tooth paste and other dental cleaning products can be applied evenly and cover all the teeth. Better cleaning prevents tooth decay and eventual tooth loss.

Healthier Gums
The health of the gums is affected when teeth are misaligned. Gums surrounding crooked teeth are prone to decay because it’s more difficult to care for them. Spaces between teeth can be injured more easily. As a result, inflammation can occur, which is painful and uncomfortable. Straighter teeth will allow better gum care and protection to prevent swelling and periodontal diseases.”

How an Oakville Dental Professional Can Help People with Missing Teeth

“Aside from access to more dental care, people with missing teeth can benefit from more advanced dentistry that includes better dentures. Oakville dental professional Arun Narang, DDS, who has written many columns in The Oakville Beaver, shares the following:

Thanks to modern high-tech dentistry, today’s dentures are stronger, longer lasting, better fitting, and better looking than ever before. Advances in dental procedures and materials now enable dentists to help patients without teeth to eat, speak and smile without worrying about slipping or uncomfortable dentures.”

Get Rewards for Inviting New Patients to an Oakville Dental Practice

Oakville Dental Arts has always been grateful for your help in bringing new patients to our office. As a way of thanking you, we are giving away special gifts to those who continue to encourage friends and family to try quality treatments from our skilled team of Oakville dental specialists.
For a single referral, we are giving you two free movie passes, and for two referrals, a $25 Starbucks gift card. Three referrals will earn you a $50 gift card from Paradiso Restaurant, but if you’ve referred four—get a whopping $100 Oakville Place gift certificate! Each of our offices run by Dr. Arun Narang and Associates in Mississauga and Oakville is giving referral cards, so you can get these for distributing to your relatives and colleagues.
Everyone wants to enjoy a perfect set of teeth. Keeping your teeth in check requires a dedicated effort—from brushing after every meal to having regular checkups or treatments with a local dentist.

Back to School, Back to Health: Affordable Oakville Dental Services

“Dr Arun Narang & Associates is proud to be a member of the “I Have a Plan” healthcare network, and participating students will enjoy reasonably-priced treatments. Discounts range between 20 and 30% if you’re a registered student! Receive quality Oakville dental services without a worry.

Let’s face it it’s tough juggling expenses particularly for students who are managing student loans. The “I Have a Plan” health plan strives to help students receive the care they desperately need without stretching their budget too thinly.

Students who are members of the plan are encouraged to take advantage of the special prices offered by participating dentists in Oakville in clinics run by Dr. Arun Narang. Don’t let price deny you the right to proper dental care. Call us now to set up an appointment at any of our three facilities! Oakville Dental Arts 905-337-3511, Smile By Design 905-897-1166, and the new Lime Light Dental 905-949-2220.”

Oakville Dental Arts Voted 2013 Favorite Dentist Diamond Award by Oakville Beaver Readers Selection

“Oakville Dental Arts has earned yet another accolade, as local newspaper Oakville Beaver awarded us the Top Dentist for 2013, making us this year’s Readers Selection Awards Diamond Winner for best dental company in the area. This recognition replicates our feat in 2012, when we bagged the same award, and is a testament to our consistent quality service.

The newspaper picked companies from different industries like restaurants, cleaners, and dentists, among others, who are nominated by at least 10 readers. A two-week voting period started on August 2 and companies who garnered that most number of votes in their respective categories through online voting were declared winners. The category for dentists had over 15 nominees and we emerged on top of the heap to claim our second consecutive Diamond award.”