Healthy Young Smile—Tips for a Child’s First Mississauga Dentist Visit

Based on the condition of his/her teeth, the dentist will let you know when to schedule your next visit. Most dentists recommend that toddlers visit the dentist about every six months.

If you haven’t found a dentist for your child yet, a trusted dentist in Mississauga like Dr. Arun Narang offers a full suite of dental services and treatments that ensure your child gets the best in oral health care.


Considering a New Smile with Veneers? Ask a Mississauga Dentist

“Keep them clean
A Mississauga dentist will tell you the importance of regular brushing and flossing to minimize plaque buildup and to keep your gums healthy. Ideally, brush your teeth after each meal for at least two minutes to clean the area thoroughly.

An ounce of prevention
While veneers can resist cracking and are extremely durable, you still have to practice caution. Don’t use your teeth to crack open extremely hard objects, like nuts. Additionally, chewing hard candy can also break or loosen your veneers, just like it can damage your natural teeth. So be careful!

Above all, go for regular dental cleanings and polishing. Consult your dentist in Mississauga about the best protective treatments that you can get for your teeth. Dr. Arun Narang and Associates is one of the established names you can trust to help you attain that perfect smile you’ve always wanted.”

Mississauga Dentist to Patients: Seek Help, Treatment for Bad Breath

“Have you ever experienced talking with someone who can’t help but stand a few meters away from you? How about hesitating to speak in public or fearing intimate conversation with a loved one? Suffering from chronic bad breath is never a good experience. It carries a social stigma, causes emotional distress, lowers your self-esteem and hampers your daily activities and social interactions.

What causes bad breath in the first place? Dr. Arun Narang, Mississauga dentist and a staunch advocate of oral health and hygiene, claims that most cases come from gum disease, smoking, poor oral hygiene, and medical conditions or prescription drugs.”

Visit Your Dentist in Mississauga Faithfully and Receive a Reward

We want you to smile for all the right reasons. If you’ve had your teeth whitening treatment done here at Smile by Design, you are one of the lucky patients eligible for our program perks. All you have to do is keep on showing up for your dental hygiene recare appointments with your Mississauga dentist—without absences and without short-notice cancellations!

If you have perfect attendance, we will reward you for adopting a good oral healthcare habit. You can have a custom whitening tray done for you, and you will receive a maximum of two syringes per year of whitening material, for as long as you are a patient of Dr Arun Narang & Associates.

We developed the Teeth Whitening for Life Program to promote good oral hygiene practices in our office, and the benefits of this program are clearly yours for the taking.