Basic Facts about Dental X-Rays and Why Your Oakville Dentist Needs Them


So how often should you have a dental X-ray taken? Essentially, this should vary depending on your medical and dental condition. A person with severe periodontal disease will need an X-ray taken more often than a patient with a healthier mouth who comes in only for regular or minor procedures. It is recommended that patients who go to their dentist for minor procedures should, nonetheless, have X-rays, if deemed necessary for monitoring purposes, while patients with more extensive treatment, should have them taken more often. The biggest concern with X-rays is exposure to radiation. But today, most dentists will have digital x-ray systems which allow the dentist to see the image immediately and expose you to approximately 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Ultimately, it’s always safer to have the x-ray & diagnose the problem than to miss the diagnosis without the x-ray.

The Bottom Line

Dental X-rays help your local Oakville dentist deliver the best oral and dental care for you, especially in cases where the unexpected problem shows up, and your dentist has been able to provide the timely intervention. For this reason, dental practices, such as those of Dr. Arun Narang & Associates, see to it that their team of dentists is equipped to perform any necessary treatment. After all, what better way to take care of your teeth than to diagnose problems before they surface.


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